A Guide About the Need And Importance of Telepresence Solution for Healthcare Industry

In recent years, telepresence technology has become the most popular way of connecting or collaborating with people at distant locations. Most of the businesses these days make use of telepresence solution to connect through text, audio, and video conferencing from any location. The telepresence solutions are also gaining huge acceptance in the healthcare industry, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are thinking about how telepresence is different from video conferencing, then you must understand that as compared to video conferencing, telepresence is a much more advanced and feature-rich solution. Unlike video conferencing, telepresence provides an impression of being present and interacting with other people in the same room. This quality of telepresence makes it a perfect solution for the doctor to patient or doctor to doctor consultations in a secure manner.
Besides, telepresence ensures an exceptional level of quality. The telepresence solution for healthcare industries allows users to connect with each other while experiencing a full HD (High-Definition) video with excellent audio clarity. Besides, they can also exchange important files or documents during an ongoing conversation. With high-definition video and clear audio, doctors are able to see the patient’s condition properly, they can easily examine the diagnostic and other important reports while interacting with the patient to understand his/her concerns in a better manner.
Though telepresence solutions for healthcare generally make use of a high-quality full HD video camera and microphone, however, these days, users can connect with healthcare personnel in real-time via a personal computer, tablet, or smart mobile devices. They can even use desktop sharing or instant messaging options if required.
Features of Telepresence Solutions for Healthcare Industry
The healthcare industry is one of the most essential and fastest-developing industries that require innovative approaches and advanced solutions to deliver immediate, high-quality care to patients. The telepresence solution is one such advancement in the field of healthcare that has transformed the ordinary healthcare approach into telehealth and telemedicine. The solution allows healthcare specialists to connect virtually with their patients to provide them instant care and consultation.
Below mentioned are some of the key features of telepresence solution for the healthcare sector, have a look:
● Virtual consultation
● Report sharing
● Scarce resource Management
● Custom Report
● Appointment scheduling
● Record patient’s data
● One-to-one chat
● Workflow management
● Record history
● White-boarding
● Screen sharing
● Cross-platform conferencing
Benefits of Telepresence Solutions for the Healthcare Industry
Telepresence solutions can benefit healthcare providers in several ways, for instance:
● Telepresence in healthcare facilitates both internal as well as remote collaboration between healthcare professionals.
● The solution lets healthcare providers connect with patients in remote areas where there is a scarcity of medical resources and personnel, to provide better care and treatment.
● In complex cases, the telepresence solution allows healthcare providers to collaborate with other specialists to determine the best possible treatment for the patient’s particular condition.
● It helps in eliminating the requirement for frequent travel, thereby saving a lot of time and cost associated with traveling.
● The solution can simply be used to provide virtual clinical consultations to the patients without the need to meet them personally.
● The solution provides a secure way to maintain the history and records of patients and only the authorized person can access the information whenever required.
● The solution can also be used to record the performance of hospital staff and based on their performance the hospital management can take necessary actions to ensure better performance.
● Telepresence can be an excellent medium for training purposes. It enables healthcare professionals to interact with other virtual teams or specialists throughout the world to provide or get training on any healthcare related subject. Interactions can be managed in real-time and any doubts or queries can be resolved effectively.
● Hospitals can also utilize telepresence technology to manage their operations across branches and geographic regions.
It would be correct to say that the telepresence solutions can help the healthcare industry in enhancing their operations and clinical workflows. In today’s time, where the demand for virtual healthcare services is rising at a great pace, solutions like telepresence technology for healthcare have emerged as an exceptional innovation. It not only helps to expand access to healthcare in remote locations, promote improved virtual consultation, strengthen clinical collaboration, but also contributes in making the entire healthcare system more powerful and advanced than ever before.
We are fortunate that we are living in a world which is technologically advanced. Today, anyone can easily access healthcare services from the comfort of their home. Healthcare providers have so many options available for them to connect instantly with other doctors, specialists, patients, and others in real-time. This ensures the right medical attention and care. Without wasting any time, important decisions can be made and patient’s lives can be saved. Telepresence technology is undoubtedly a boon for the healthcare sector. And the best thing about the telepresence solution for healthcare industries is that it can be customized with all the required features and functionalities based on the key needs of the users.


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