Instagram Widget for Website – The Complete Guide

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform. The main reason for the sudden rise of Instagram is its unique platform that provides visual-based content. People tend to get more attracted to visual content when compared to written or text content. Instagram also helps to boost businesses and provides a great aid to promote products or advertising campaigns.

Marketers are always keen to use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy and get more customers. Instagram Widget fits perfectly into this mold as it is the most amazing and useful marketing strategy for businesses to gather more customers. Instagram widget is effective and economical tools that helps businesses develop brand recognition and helps businesses maximize their reach. This article will discuss the best tools available in the market that helps you embed Instagram feed on your website. You must be wondering what Instagram feed is and why it is important. So let’s start from the basics and answers those questions.

What is an Instagram feed?

Instagram feed refers to all the posts and content visible on your Instagram screen after logging in to your account. Instagram provides a wide range of visual medium feeds. The feed consists of Images, videos, IGTV videos, reels, etc. Instagram provides all visual-based content as it keeps the user engaged and the feed lively. Instagram witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years due to its regular updates.

It started as a mere photo-sharing app. But now it features some amazing content like Instagram videos that provide small length videos, IGTV videos that help users upload longer format videos, and Instagram Live, allowing people to interact online with their followers and more. Instagram is an amazing platform that helps you to interact with your customers and make a strong relationship. Many brands use social media platforms to promote their business or to excite people for their new products. They announce new schemes and provide their followers with regular updates regarding their brands. Instagram works wonders for businesses and helps them to grow and attain more customers.

Instagram is a powerful social media platform, and you can use it to a great benefit by including it as part of your marketing. There are many available tools available in the market that allows you to embed Instagram feed into your website. Here is the list of the best tools that are efficient and economical.

Best Tools to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website:

  • 1. Tagembed

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator app in the market. It helps you collect, curate, and customize the feed related to your business and displays it on your website. It collects the content using hashtags, tags, mentions, locations etc., and provides endless content for your website. It also allows you to monitor the content that displays on your website; you can filter out all the unwanted and spam content and posts and keep your feed related to your business. It is compatible with HTML, Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and many such platforms, allowing you to install it. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly backend. Tagembed is a coding-free tool that makes it a handy tool that everyone can use, and you don’t need any past knowledge and experience on coding to use this app.

  • 2. YotPo

YotPo is a very popular ecommerce marketing platform that fetches user-generated content related to your business and showcases it on your website. It displays the content into a single feed as shoppable content. YotPo is a very useful app that helps you solve customer queries, resolve their doubt, and offers guidance around customer reviews, marketing, referrals, etc. It provides great advice and key industry insights that help you generate new ideas to market your brand. The tool allows you to perform advanced platform management that includes blacklist, profanity filter, and multi-user login options. You can even create custom albums, product galleries, personalized gallery or categorize the gallery according to your different products. It makes your website more interesting and helps you to improve your brand recognition.

  • 3. Flockler

Flockler is a social media aggregator tool that aggregates the content from different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It displays all the collected content as a unified presentation on your website. Many businesses use flockler for websites and as a social wall on their display event. It provides you with the option to create an Instagram content feed and make your website more engaging and interactive. It also provides you the option to customize your widget, you can choose from different layouts, designs, styles, and themes. It also allows you to customize feed using different font styles, font sizes, backgrounds, colours and show your artistic side.

  • 4. Snapwidget

Snapwidget is a powerful tool that allows you to embed an Instagram widget on your website. The widget beautifully displays all the content around your business on your website and adds charm to it. The tool helps you gain more followers on your social media platforms and strengthen your social media presence. In this digital world, it is important to have a good social media following at it allows your business to attain more customers and get brand recognition. It provides you the feature to create different types of layouts for your website. You can create a layout that displays your product, or you can even embed an announcement post and carousel post display, making your website more appealing to the visitors.

5. Smashballon

Smashballon is a WordPress plugin that is very popular amongst marketers because of its easy-to-use functionality and compatibility with different social media platforms. The plugin helps you to embed Instagram feed on your website, not only that, but it also provides widgets for other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. It curates the content using Instagram hashtags, mentions, and locations. It even aggregates Instagram stories and displays onto your website. The website’s various content helps the business gather more customer attention and provides them a brief about your business and products. Smashballon is very easy to use and easy to install; you don’t need any technical or design knowledge to setup the tool. One of the main features of the tool is that it is compatible with all devices. You don’t need to work on its compatibility mode with a different device;

hence it makes it an amazing tool. Benefits of using Instagram Widget on Your Website: Embedding the Instagram widget on your website a smart marketing strategy, it provides great benefits to your business and helps you to increase your sales.

● The Instagram widget makes your website lively. The regular visual feed updates keep the customer engaged on your website and provides a great opportunity to convert the visitor into a customer.

● A new customer always looks for reviews and social proof before making a purchase. The Instagram widget helps you solve this problem, as it provides the content posted by the people, and new customers get the social proof without leaving the website window.

● A user feels valued when he gets a feature on a brand’s website. Instagram widgets fetch all the content posted by users and display it on the website. It helps in motivating the user to create more content and get a regular feature on the website. And as more UGC for your brand on social media helps your business gets online recognition.


Instagram Widget is an amazing tool that helps to drive conversion, increase sales and enhance your brand awareness. You shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to get maximum exposure and help your business grow. The tools mentioned above are the best in the market and provides great help to businesses. Use them to get amazing results and take your business to new heights.


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