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Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Ecommerce Brands

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E-commerce brands are doing very well, and given that everything is going digital, brands need to find an effective digital marketing strategy for e-commerce to market their products. In this blog, you will get to know 10 effective digital marketing strategies for eCommerce brands.


Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your e-commerce business. To be online, you have to do online marketing. If you have an eCommerce site, you need to use several digital marketing strategies for eCommerce to drive traffic to your site, increase sales, and brand your business. The most important aspect of any online business is marketing. Most commonly overlooked. Many marketers think that marketing is all about PR, SEO, and social media. But the biggest win is generating high-quality leads. You can do this with a few strategies that have been tried and tested. So, how exactly to market e-commerce. What is the digital marketing strategy for e-commerce brands?

Top 10 Digital marketing strategies for E-commerce brands

1.Use aesthetic media to showcase the products

Displaying your products in the right way can be one of the best digital marketing strategies for eCommerce brands to promote their products. Photos and videos of the original product entice customers to buy.

81% of consumers say video provides confidence in purchasing a product.

It’s our understanding that video is bound to be better than photos. Using an aesthetic medium to showcase your products increases sales and conversion rates.

2. A swift and prompt e-commerce app/ website.

Easy-to-use apps and websites are paramount to making it easy for customers to use. One of the best and most important digital marketing strategies for e-commerce is designing mobile-friendly apps and websites.

According to Adweek, Google found that 73% of consumers leave unfriendly mobile sites to use sites designed for mobile.

Since most shopping is done through mobile and tablet, optimizing the site accordingly is the best choice for the convenience of consumers.

3. Easy checkout and payment

Easy checkout and payment are the most basic and essential amenities of an ecommerce site. Shopping cart abandonment is the most common problem faced by e-commerce sites.

To avoid shopping cart abandonment, you need to develop a website that is safe and that works fast.

Checkout hassles, high shipping rates, and incompatible payment types are a few other reasons for cart abandonment. It is important to check the following and ensure that the customer does not experience any difficulties at the final checkout.

84% of people will abandon a purchase if they feel they are dealing with an insecure website.

4. A strong Social media presence

Social media sites are increasingly becoming hubs for e-commerce promotion. Most successful brands have a good social media presence.

Being shy and modest is not a digital marketing strategy suitable for today’s e-commerce. Selling requires a strong social media presence.

The average eCommerce site publishes 4.55 posts a week on their Facebook page, and their sales are significantly higher than those that don’t.

To effectively market your brand, create a social media account today.

5.Induce offers and  discounts

Discounts and offers make people happy and sales are multiplied. You can use push notifications to send discount notifications to customers from time to time. You will then be prompted to make your purchase immediately.

A study found that those who received a $10 voucher had a 38% increase in oxytocin levels. They were also found to be 11% happier than those who didn’t.

6. Make use of user behavior and  preferences data

Understanding customer behavior and preference data is key to an effective digital marketing strategy for ecommerce brands.

Tools like Google Analytics, social rankings, social web, and more can help you understand your customers’ demographics and preferences. You can use it to screen and promote your products accordingly.

7.Deploy artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used in every field, and e-commerce is no exception.

Chatbots, virtual assistants, inventory management, intelligent product recommendations, and email marketing campaigns are some of the best uses of AI in e-commerce apps and websites. This eliminates human error and also provides data-driven reports.

61% of marketers say artificial intelligence is the most important aspect of data and digital marketing strategies for ecommerce brands.

8.Filter option and preference-based search

Filter options allow consumers to search for products based on their preferences. This preference-based search makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Having a good filtering system is one of the best digital marketing strategies for an ecommerce brand and can keep you ahead of many ecommerce sites.

9. Referrals and Reviews are the keys

According to Trustpilot, around 14% of consumers are likely to write a review themselves, while 29% are likely to write a review at the request of a brand.

People convince close and loved ones to buy products no matter what. Referral bonuses for customers who refer other customers can be another way to generate leads and sales.

Recommendations and reviews are one of the best digital marketing strategies for ecommerce that you can use to drive traffic and conversions.

10. Re-target through ads

Retargeting customers through social media ads is one of the best ways to convince customers to buy your product.

Video marketing campaigns through social media have proven to be a great way to increase ecommerce sales. Retailers can use one of these digital marketing strategies for e-commerce and promote their products on social media sites using visual content.

So it’s clear that 80% of marketers use visual assets for social media marketing to increase sales.

The Baynard Institute tested 19 sites and benchmarked product listings and filtering usability of 50 major e-commerce sites, and found that 84% of sites had moderate or poor product filtering experiences.

Shopping uplifts your mood no matter what, and shopping apps offer amazing ways to lift your mood right at your fingertips. If you are an ecommerce brand owner, it is wise to use digital marketing to market your ecommerce brand.

Hiring a well-known digital marketing agency like echoVME can give you a strong online presence and implement a variety of digital marketing strategies for your ecommerce brand.

Interested in trying out these digital marketing strategies? If you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, let us know in the comments below.